Vacuum Suction Spider SSP

Robot Grippers Made-to-Measure

Schmalz individually designs vacuum suction spiders for your application needs. The vacuum suction spiders have been designed according to a modular principle. All versions of the vacuum suction spider are derived from the basic design which can be flexibly optimized for complex handling tasks. Our experienced system consultants also use individual vacuum components from our broad range of products.

We would be happy to help you design your gripper system. From the project planning and design stages all the way through to the day your product starts operation - we will be with you all the way.

Product Inquiry

Vacuum Suction Spider SSP


  • Automation of handling tasks in manufacturing assembly and quality control processes
  • Linking robots in presses and bending centers
  • Automating plastic injection molding machines, deep drawing machines, machining centers for wood and plastics, water jet machines, laser machines and punching machines
  • Order picking in storage and distribution centers on industrial robots or gantries
  • Handling of metal sections, blanks, stone, sheet materials, car body parts, glass and ceramic components, etc.

Your Benefits

  • Modular system with standardized and harmonized components
  • Flexible adaption to customer-specific requirements
  • Combination of different gripping technologies (vacuum, mechanics, magnetics etc.) possible
  • Low intrinsic weight due to basic components made of aluminium, steel pipe and plastics
  • Minimization of cycle times
  • Enhanced process safety due to integrated system monitoring and sensor technology
  • Intelligent valve modules for unused suction cups


The figure shows the basic design of the suction spider SSP. On request, individual configurations with many extensions are possible.

(1) Vacuum valve Pneumatic interface

(2) Terminal box Electronic interface

(3) Flange connection Mechanical interface for common robots and gantries

(4) Mounting sections Used as load beam and vacuum distributor

(5) Flexible suspension Spring-mounted connection suitable for workpieces with height differences

(6) Gripping system (FMP/FXP) with suction cups For handling uneven and non-rigid workpieces

(7) Gripping system (SBX-C) with foam For handling heavy and rough workpieces

(8) Grippers with different gripping principles For handling a wide range of workpieces (e.g. magnetic grippers for handling perforated plates or needle grippers for CFRP materials)

Modular System of Vacuum Suction Spiders SSP

The vacuum suction spider SSP was designed according to a modular principle. All versions of the vacuum suction spider are derived from the basic design. They can be flexibly optimized using various extensions for complex handling tasks.

Product application glass

Vacuum suction spider SSP being used to handle module glass

Product application metal sheet

Vacuum suction spider SSP being used to handle cut metal sheets

Product application logistics

Vacuum suction spider SSP handling cardboard boxes of different sizes

Product application wood

Vacuum suction spider SSP for handling layered stacking of wooden boards