Vision & Handling Sets

The Solution for Bin Picking

Schmalz has developed a complete solution for the complex task of automated bin picking. The set combines a vacuum gripping system specially optimized for bin picking with a 3D camera system, the appropriate software and suitable connection accessories for the robot. The intelligent control and smooth cooperation of all components is the decisive success factor.

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  • Ready to connect Vision & Handling Set for box Picking with the aid of lightweight robots and cobots
  • Application-specific software modules for the recognition of rectangular, ordered workpieces (BoxPick) or of randomly shaped, unsorted workpieces (ItemPick)
  • Use in bin picking and commissioning applications
  • Integrated interface for controlling and monitoring the handling process


Vision & Handling Sets 3D-R

Vision & Handling Sets 3D-R

  • Gripping system based on an electrical vacuum generator including camera system and software
  • Solution for Box- and Item-Pick
  • Suitable for operation with lightweight robots and cobots

Product Highlights

Complete application solution

  • Vacuum gripping system with electrical vacuum generation
  • 3D camera system for detecting the workpiece position
  • Software for automatic gripping point calculation

Plug & work

  • Time-saving commissioning of the entire solution, even with little robotics know-how
  • Software leads step by step through the installation
  • Suitable connection set for Universal Robots

Automatic gripping point calculation

  • Simple and fast output of the next gripping point
  • Application-specific software modules (BoxPick or ItemPick)

Collision-free grip

  • No collisions between the gripper and box
  • Intelligent gripper with part presence monitoring enables safe and energy-saving handling of parts

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Components of the solution

(1) Vacuum gripping system
  • Intelligent, electrical vacuum generator ECBPi
  • VEE gripper including extension for the connection of various suction cups
(2) Robot connection set
  • Connection set consisting of flange and cable suitable for the robot type
  • Connection of the camera statically or at the robot flange (end-of-arm) using the supplied holder
(3) Camera system
  • Smart camera with integrated 3D image processing
  • Projector for structuring surfaces for a better depth image
  • Intuitive user interface for fast commissioning
  • Collision-free grip through integration of the gripping system into the path planning

Application-specific software modules

The BoxPick module detects rectangular surfaces and calculates the gripping point based on predefined workpiece sizes. This module enables robots to pick ordered articles from a pallet or from a box.

The ItemPick module calculates the next gripping point for randomly shaped, unsorted workpieces within a load carrier. This module is used for bin picking.

Technical data in comparison

TypeStatic installationInstallation on the robot (end-of-arm)
Complete solution
Power supply

24 V - DC V

Protection class

IP 40
Operating temperature5 … 45°C
Dimensions (max.)

151 x 151 x 341 mm

304 x 151 x 341 mm


End-of-arm (gripping system): 1.06 kg

Static (camera system): 1.51 kg

End-of-arm: 2.57 kg


Camera system

Image resolution

1280 x 960 Pixel (1.3 megapixel)

Depth measurement range

0.5 m - 3.0 m

0.2 m - 1.0 m

Depth resolution

0.1 mm bei 0.5 m

0.4 mm bei 1.0 m

1.5 mm bei 2.0 m

0.04 mm bei 0.2 m

0.9 mm bei 1.0 m


Gripping system

Suction capacity

12 l/min

Vacuum (max.)

Workpiece dimensions (min.)

30 x 30 x 15 mm

Workpiece weight (max.)

2 kg (depending on load case)

Pickup position

Up to euro pallets (depending on robot reach)

KLT boxes up to 280 mm depth

System requirements
PC softwareWindows 7 or Windows 10, Microsoft Edge* or Mozilla Firefox® from version 54.0 and 100 Mbit or 1 Gbit LAN connection or Ubuntu® Version 14.04 or 16.04, Mozilla Firefox® and 100-Mbit- or 1 Gbit LAN connection or Apple Mac** with macOS from version 10.10.5, Safari and 100 Mbit or 1 Gbit LAN connection
Robot type and softwareUniversal Robots UR3(e), UR5(e), UR10(e), UR16(e) from software version Polyscope 3.12 or 5.6

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