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The solar industry offers solutions to convert converts solar energy into heat or electricity. Photovoltaic and solar systems are primarily located on roofs and facades, or in open spaces.

Workpieces such as wafers, cells, strings and finished modules are handled in the manufacturing process of photovoltaic modules. These extremely sensitive workpieces must be gripped gently, while avoiding any marks or contamination. At the same time, the industry has very high standards in regards to cycle times, speed and dynamics. Cycles times of less than one second for cell manufacturing processes are state oft he art. The requirements for vacuum technology are accordingly high.

Products from Schmalz are used throughout the entire process chain: from wafer and cell manufacturing to module assembly and even in thin-film processes.


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Process steps and vacuum solutions in the solar industry


Técnica de vacío en la práctica

Componentes para obleas

Ventosa para obleas de Schmalz SWG permite la manipulación cuidadosa de obleas y pilas

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Componentes para obleas

Manipulación automatizada de obleas FV con la garra para obleas y células solares SWG

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Sistema de ventosas para ristras de células

La ventosa para strings SSG es adecuada para la manipulación cuidadosa de strings. La ventosa está dotada de ventosas de fuelle. Se pueden compensar las irregularidades de Tab Wires.

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Gripping system for stringsSistema de ventosas para ristras de células

Dos variantes de ventosas para manipulación manual y automática de strings

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Tubo elevador para otros productos

Tubo de elevación por vacío JumboErgo para la manipulación ergonómica de inversores

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Tubo elevador para paneles solares

Elevador de tubo de vacío JumboErgo para la recogida horizontal de módulos solares y su descarga vertical sobre un palet

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