No-return valve for maintaining the system vacuum in the case of a power failure

Nominal size18 mm
Thread G1G1/2"-F
Nominal flow rate26 m³/h
Operating temperature-20 ... 100 °C
RSV 18 G1/2-IG MS
Attribuutti Arvo
D 34,50 mm
G1 G1/2"-F
G2 G1/2"-F
L 58,50 mm
SW1 27 mm
Attribuutti Arvo
Nominal size 18 mm
Nominal flow rate 26 m³/h
Nominal flow rate 433,10 l/min
Weight 0,19 kg
Product family RSV

Tilaustiedot: RSV 18 G1/2-IG MS

Non-return valve RSV is delivered as a ready-to-connect product.