• Basic ejector for universal use in vacuum systems
  • Various handling tasks in the automotive, metal sheet, wood, assembly technology, food and packing industries
Tuotteen kohokohdat
  • Absolutely wear- and maintenance-free main body with Venturi nozzle and silencer (optional)
  • Compact and lightweight aluminum design ideal for tight spaces and high dynamics, e.g. on manipulators, robots, feeder systems
  • Ejector optimized for efficiency, saves compressed air and can be used in many different ways
Perusheittimet SEG
  • Main body made of anodized aluminum
  • Nozzle system made of brass
  • Plastic silencer (1)
  • Vacuum connection (2)
  • Compressed air connection (3)
  • Pumppausnopeus jopa 370 l / min
  • Suurin tyhjiö: 85%
  • Runko eloksoitua alumiinia
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