• Vacuum block VCBL-GL for grinding glass workpieces on flat table machines made by Bando Kiko*
  • Grinding of building, design and automotive glass
  • The suction cup is connected to the machine vacuum supply by two hoses
제품 하이라이트
  • Very high holding forces on dry and wet glass
  • Highest dimensional accuracy for more precision in the production process
  • Completely free of marks thanks to sealing ring made of HT1 material and friction plate made of Elastodur
  • Low restoring force of the sealing lip prevents deformation of the workpiece
Vacuum Blocks VCBL-GL
  • Sealing ring (1) made of low-marking material for contamination-free fixing of the workpiece
  • Friction surface (2) of resistant material for gentle clamping of wet, dry and thin glass
  • Robust housing (3) made of aluminum
  • Screw in push fitting accessories (4) for hose connection of the vacuum system
  • 2-circuit vacuum systems
  • With two hose connections
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