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  • Mechanical clamping system for CNC machining centers with console table (two-circuit system)
  • The mechanical clamps are activated via vacuum so that no further medium is required at the machine for clamping
  • The clamp is pre-fastened to the console using one vacuum circuit, while the second circuit pulls the piston and clamping disc downward
  • Particularly well suited for narrow and curved workpieces such as frame parts and window profiles
  • If the suction area is insufficient, they can be securely clamped mechanically during machining
Mechanical Clamps VCMC-K2-QUICK

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대체 가족 (사진 참조) : Mechanical Clamps VCMC-K2-QUICK

제품 하이라이트
  • Eccentrically positioned clamping plates for optimum use of the clamping surface
  • Holds even narrow workpieces securely with clamping forces of up to 700 N
  • No additional medium necessary, as it can be activated via the operating vacuum of the CNC machining center
  • Withstands the strongest lateral forces thanks to special friction materials
Mechanical Clamps VCMC-K2
  • Eccentric clamping disc (1) is pulled downward by the vacuum of the two-circuit console via a piston in the clamp
  • Friction material (2) for optimizing lateral force absorption
  • Main body (3) made of aluminum with interface (4) to the console
  • Optional fixing flap (5) for repeatable positioning
  • 2-circuit vacuum systems
  • For frame and window profiles
  • Pre-fixation to console by means of vacuum
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