• Hose-free vacuum clamping system for console tables from SCM / Morbidelli, fully compatible with OEM vacuum blocks
  • The vacuum blocks are pre-fixed to the console
  • An integrated touch valve enables unused vacuum blocks to remain on the machine table
  • TV system from SCM = S1 system from Schmalz (width of the console 72.5 mm)
  • TVS system from SCM = S1 system from Schmalz with hose connection (width of the console 72.5 mm)
  • TVN system from SCM = S4 system from Schmalz (width of the console = 109 mm)
제품 하이라이트
  • Highest holding forces in wood applications thanks to optimized seals and friction pads
  • Highest dimensional accuracy for more precision in the production process
  • Wide range of products offers maximum flexibility and enables short set-up times
  • Suction plates can be replaced quickly, easily and economically without tools
진공 블록 VCBL-S
  • Upper suction plate (1) for fixing the workpiece
  • Robust plastic main body (2)
  • Dovetail mount (3) for mechanical pre-fastening on SCM / Morbidelli consoles
  • Sealing frame (4) optimized to allow easy repositioning of the suction cup on the console
  • Touch valve (5) for activating the vacuum
  • SCM 콘솔 용 진공 시스템
  • 통합 터치 밸브
  • 콘솔의 기계적 접두사
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