• Modular system for use on SCM and Morbidelli console tables, compatible with the original equipment
  • Available in various dimensions and working heights with accessories for a wide range of woodworking applications
  • Safe clamping of demanding workpieces with curved contours or rough surfaces
  • Can also be used for Flexmatic machine tables with automatic positioning and Start/Pilot with position detection thanks to the trip dog and magnet accessories
제품 하이라이트
  • Proven clamping concept guarantees highest holding forces and precision for optimum efficiency and quality in the production process
  • Range of flexible suction cups and accessories enables a wide range of applications in woodworking
  • Shorter set-up times and reduced spare parts costs due to pluggable suction cups, tool-free fixing and simple spare parts exchange
  • Replaceable suction plate with membrane prevents penetration of dirt and ensures constant performance
  • Integrated NFC tag for quick readout of product data and matching spare parts
Vacuum Blocks VCBL-S6
  • Suction plate with membrane (1) made of elastomer for optimum sealing behaviour, high friction forces and protection against penetrating chips
  • Integrated NFC tag (2) for reading out product data via smartphone
  • Easy-action sensing valve (3) for automatic activation of the vacuum
  • Suction cup (4) can be inserted into the mounting in 15° steps and fixed by turning the clamping levers (5)
  • Robust base body (6) made of glass-fibre reinforced plastic with dovetail mount for fixing on SCM/Morbidelli consoles
  • Durable sealing frame (7) optimized for effortless sliding of the suction cup on the console
  • For SCM TV consoles of the Flex, Flexmatic, Start or Pilot series
  • Working heights 50, 75 and 110 mm
  • Integrated sensing valve and NFC tag


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