• Vacuum unit based on an oil-lubricated vacuum pump with vacuum and liquid reservoirs
  • Simple and quick to install; ideal for end users who use vacuum as one of many clamping technologies
  • Vacuum supply of several machines in rotation possible
  • Visual and audible system monitoring
  • Designed to be integrated in the machine control of the CNC machining center
제품 하이라이트
  • Various systems for visual and audible monitoring of the operating vacuum and filling level
  • Automatic emergency stop function protects the pump from sucked in liquids
  • Synchronization with the machine controller for warning in case of vacuum loss or critical filling level possible
Vacuum Unit VAGG
  • Drop separator (1) for separation of condensate
  • Ball valve (2) for turning the vacuum on / off
  • Vacuum gauge (manometer) (3) for visual vacuum inspection
  • Drain valve (4) for manual drainage of liquid
  • Vacuum pump (5) and power switch (6)
  • Vacuum and liquid storage (7), as well as roles (8) for mobile use of VAGG
  • Mobile vacuum generation and monitoring
  • Suction capacities of 6, 18, 40 and 63 m³/h
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