Vacuum lifters and crane systems for the Automotive Industry

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Various manual processes in the automotive Industry are involved in manufacturing workflows: For example, components such as roofs are unloaded from presses and loaded to the carriers; in in-house logistics, small load carriers such as boxes or crates are moved, and components such as windows, batteries or brake disks are supplied to the line. The high cycle rate and the weight or shape of the workpieces involved in these tasks can strain the health of employees.

Manually controlled vacuum lifters relieve operators of the weight of workpieces, allowing them to work ergonomically and without physical strain. The simple operation of vacuum lifters allows coils, metal sheets, boxes and crates to be quickly gripped and moved. Depending on the type, the vacuum lifters allow the workpieces to be swiveled horizontally by 90° or rotated 180°.


Vacuum Lifters for the Automotive Industry

Crane Systems for the Automotive Industry

For automated processes, Schmalz offers vacuum components and gripping systems ready for connection

Vacuum technology for automated processes in the automotive industry


Innovations and Trends in
Vacuum Lifters and Crane Systems

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