• Universal gripper with connection for external vacuum generation, for handling workpieces regardless of size, geometry, material and surface
  • Handling of workpieces made from various materials, such as wood (coated or unplaned), packaging (boxes, bags or cans), metal sheets, glass, plastics, CFRP, etc.
  • Handling of porous workpieces, workpieces with gaps or undefined pick-up position
  • Mark-free handling of sensitive workpieces such as display glass
  • Ideal for use on robots due to its low weight
Area Gripping Systems FMP
  • Aluminum basic profile (1) with side T-slots for sensors and an integrated air supply for separation; different gripper lengths available
  • Vacuum booster (2) for quicker evacuation; valve film (3) for the quick change of valve type and size
  • Suction cup sealing element (4) with push-in function or sealing foam with adhesive film
  • Optional integrated withdrawable vacuum valve (5): fast evacuation and high suction volume
  • End cover with integrated functions (6): connection for compressed air, vacuum gauges; optional blow off and separation functions
  • 외부 진공 생성 용 연결 부품 (7)
  • Connection for external vacuum generation
  • Sealing element: Sealing foam or suction cups
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