• Holder for mounting suction cups on tooling beams
  • For vacuum suction cups with connectors for G, NPT and M threads and right-angled adapters
  • For vacuum nozzles built into the holder
  • Suitable for situations with restricted space, as no additional components required for vacuum generation
제품 하이라이트
  • Flexible use on tooling traverses, fast exchange and short set-up times
  • Thanks to lightweight aluminium construction suitable for dynamic processes and high throughputs
  • Versatile use for vacuum suction pads with various G, NPT, M threads and rectangular adapters (quick-change system)
  • Customer-specific and quickly configurable, e.g. with decentralised vacuum sensors and suction pads
Holders for Suction Cups HT-SG I
  • Version HT-SG…I (integrated vacuum generation)
  • Connection for tooling beams: Ball (A3: ø 28.5 mm; A5: ø 32 mm) or "Apple-Core" cylinder (A2: ø 19 mm) (1)
  • Connection for vacuum suction cup (2), vacuum switch (3) and integrated vacuum nozzle (4)
  • Mounts for vacuum suction cups with connections for G, NPT and M threads and right-angled adapters
  • Holders for vacuum nozzles integrated in the holder


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