• 90° connector for quick connection of cross beams to the supporting main beam system
  • 90° connector with media feed-through allows vacuum guide from main beam into cross beam without hosing
  • 3D connector enables adaptation of the gripping system to free-form parts
  • Wide range of applications for automated workpiece handling
제품 하이라이트
  • Option for internal vacuum guide saves the use of complex hosing
  • Simple assembly thanks to standardized elements
  • 3D connectors offer optimum adaptation to free-form parts
Mounting Technology PXT
  • 90° connector (1) optionally with internal vacuum guide
  • 3D connector (2) adjustable in angle without stops
  • Inner connector (3) for 90° connection in a plane
  • 90° cross connector with optional vacuum feed-through
  • 3D connectors for free-form surfaces


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