• Compact spring plunger with internal damping spring for handling workpieces with height differences or warping
  • Handling very delicate workpieces (e.g. printed-circuit boards) with no additional control technology required; ensures that workpieces are set down gently
  • Diverse handling tasks in the electronics industry
제품 하이라이트
  • Low spring forces for gently handling very fragile workpieces
  • Suitable for tight spaces and highly dynamic tasks thanks to its compact size
  • Internal damping spring protected against dirt and mechanical damage
  • Very responsive plunger motion for high process safety
  • Vacuum connection via beam with integrated vacuum feed or rigid hose connection for strain-free movement
Spring Plungers FSTImc
  • Modular spring plunger for mounting to vacuum-guiding section (1) or to screw in with an M10 thread (2)
  • Lock nuts (3) for mounting
  • Suction cup connection nipple (4) for mounting suction cups
  • Vacuum connection thread (5)
  • Modular suction cup connection
  • Stroke: 5 to 10 mm
  • Internal damping spring
  • Cartridge design
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