• Spherically mounted spring plunger with two damping springs, centering spring and special universal ball joint for handling workpieces with height differences
  • Handling very sensitive components without additional control requirements (e.g. glass sheets), it ensures that workpieces are set down gently
  • Handling very warped and naturally grown materials (e.g. dried wood) without additional technical control requirements
  • Use under harsh conditions
  • Highly dynamic handling tasks with short cycle times
Suspension Flexible FST-FLEX
  • Spring plunger with stainless steel plunger rod, brass guide sleeve with integrated sliding sleeve, both lower (5) and upper (1) damping spring
  • Powder coated plate (2) as attachment to an aluminum section and to hold the automatic centering unit consisting of the centering spring (3) and the spring seat nut (4); the centering spring pretensioning (3) can be set using locking screws in the spring seat nut (4).
  • Jointed mounting (6) available as an option
  • Powder coated connection plate (7) for connection to an area gripper; the connection plate can be adapted to individual area gripping systems
  • Connection: G1/2"
  • Stroke: 25 to 75 mm
  • Jamming safe by spherical mounting
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