• Loading and unloading of transport cassettes
  • Handling of printed circuit boards, drilled PCBs and wafers
  • Low-contact gripping of sensitive workpieces such as thin copper foils and substrates
  • Gentle handling of workpieces with slightly structured surfaces
  • Use in automation processes that are difficult to access
제품 하이라이트
  • High holding forces despite flat design for confined automation processes
  • Operation without ejector, as vacuum is generated according to Bernoulli's principle
  • Low-contact handling, as suction cup "floats" on an air cushion
  • Safe separation of thin, porous workpieces
Floating Suction Cups SBS Thin
  • Connection via three M1.6x4 screws (1) and sealing element (2)
  • Flat aluminum main body with integrated Bernoulli nozzle (3)
  • Flow element (4) for dense to slightly porous parts
  • Vacuum (A), exhaust air (B)
  • Diameter: 20 mm
  • Holding force: 3.0 N
  • Design: flat version
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