• Flow gripper for handling sensitive plastic parts, printed circuit boards, textiles and composite materials
  • Handling circuit boards with openings or drillings; process-reliable handling even with low occupancy rate of the suction surface and with minimal surface pressure
  • Contact element made of FDA compliant material allows direct, repeated contact with dry foods such as biscuits, cookies, cakes and waffles
  • Handling of blank circuit boards
Flow Grippers SCG
  • Quick-change contact areas (3) with various diameters
  • Anodized aluminum main body with integrated vacuum generation (2)
  • Base model with capability for axial mounting (MA) or sideways mounting (MS) (5)
  • Controlled exhaust air (4)
  • Two compressed air connections for suction and blow off
  • 소음기 (1)
  • Suction rate: 270 l/min to 650 l/min
  • Diameter suction plate: 20 mm to 60 mm
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