• Narrow design enables use in confined installation space and saves space when handling several products side by side at the same time
  • Flow gripper for handling of assembled and blank printed circuit boards
  • Minimal surface pressure and possibility of handling products with a low degree of occupancy enable reliable handling of workpieces with openings
  • Contact element made of FDA compliant material allows direct, repeated contact with dry foods such as biscuits and cakes
Flow Grippers SCGS
  • Main body (2) made out of unanodized aluminum with integrated compressed air-operated vacuum generation, for sideways mounting
  • Two compressed air connections for suction and blow off (3/4)
  • Exhaust pipe (1)
  • Suction cup connection nipple (5) made of aluminum (unanodized)
  • Suction cup (6) made of antistatic perbunan NBR-AS, NBR-ESD or silicon (SI-HD); large shaft diameter for high flow rates
  • POM으로 만든 그립 표면 (7)
  • Narrow design: 25 mm
  • Suction rate: 270 l/min to 650 l/min
  • Diameter suction plate: 20 mm to 50 mm
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