Suction Cups for Flow Grippers SCG

  • Handling of composite textiles
  • Handling of non-rigid and unstable components
  • Handling of extremely thin, delicate plastic films and glass
  • Handling of blank and assembled printed circuit boards
  • Handling of dry food products
제품 하이라이트
  • Contact elements optionally food-safe (POM, SI-MD and SI-HD) or for controlled discharge of electrical charges (NBR-ESD)
  • Very high suction flow rate enables safe gripping even of porous, highly structured workpieces
  • Soft, flexible sealing lip for best damping and sealing on structured surfaces such as biscuits
  • Suction surface made of POM prevents suction and damage to the workpiece
  • Suction cup can be dismantled without tools for easy cleaning
  • Suction cup connection nipple made from POM (FDA compliant) or aluminum
  • Suction cup (suction area Ø 20 mm to 50 mm) made from SI-MD or SI-HD (FDA compliant) or NBR-ESD (electrostatic)
  • Large shaft diameter for high flow rates
  • Diameter of suction area: 40 mm and 60 mm, suction cup: 20 mm to 50 mm
  • Suction surfaces made of FDA-compliant POM
  • Suction cup made from FDA-compliant SI-MD, SI-HD silicone or electrostatic NBR-ESD (only Point-to-Point)
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