• Accessories for the attachment of sensors and vacuum/damping modules and a variety of robot flange modules
  • Vacuum/damping module for external hose diameter 4 mm
  • HTR holder system with M8x1-IG, M12x1-IG or as a universal holder
  • Floating SBSm suction module for hose diameter 4/2 mm
  • Flange module for connection to various robots such as ABB, ADEPT, Fanuc, Yaskawa, Kawasaki, Murata, Elau, Stäubli or a universal flange for follow-on work
  • Exhaust ducts for the controlled release of intake air - axial or lateral for hose diameter 14 mm (only STGG ... E100 models)
  • 공칭 크기 2.5 또는 1.5mm의 전자기 밸브 EMV (STGG ... E100 유형 만 해당)
  • Components for the modular design of STGG thin glass grippers


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