Vacuum and Pressure Switches VS-V/P-W-D-K-3C-D

  • Vacuum and pressure switch for use in vacuum and pressure systems for process monitoring and optimizing cycle times
  • Creating control circuits to improve the efficiency of systems
  • The switch can be mounted in panels due to its cubic construction; optional mounting frame with a transparent protective cap
  • Can be installed in handling systems directly thanks to its small design and low weight
제품 하이라이트
  • Intelligent menu structure reduces installation effort and simplifies settings
  • Automatic switching point adjustment determines optimum switching points based on the process sequence
  • Anti-chattering with adjustable response times stabilizes switching output even with pressure fluctuations
  • Electronic switch in a stable plastic housing made from polycarbonate
  • Switch with three-color, 7-segment dual display
  • Connection of measuring medium with external thread G1/8" or internal thread M5
  • Hysteresis and comparator mode
  • 2 m connection cable
  • 패널 마운팅 용 마운팅 브래킷 및 마운팅 프레임은 액세서리로 제공됩니다.
  • Electronic vacuum and pressure switch
  • Measuring range: from -1 to 10 bar
  • Switching function: PNP, NPN


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