• Electronic vacuum switch for system monitoring of vacuum systems
  • Optimization of cycle times and regulation circuits to increase efficiency of vacuum systems
  • Compact construction and low weight permit use directly on the suction cup
  • For use in all areas of automated handling
제품 하이라이트
  • Electronic vacuum switch for precise switching and measuring
  • Adjustable vacuum limit value and vacuum monitoring via analog and digital output
  • Switching point adjustable according to customer requirements
  • Electronic vacuum switch in robust polyamide housing
  • Vacuum connection via aluminum flange; additional M5 female thread
  • Switching point adjustable with a screw; hysteresis fixed
  • Supply voltage and signal output via 4-pin M8 screw connector
  • Integrated LED for indication of the switching state
  • Electronic vacuum switch
  • Measuring range: from -1 to 0 bar
  • Switching function: PNP


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