• Mechanical vacuum switch for process monitoring
  • Optimization of cycle times or regulation circuits
  • Application in processes where an electric or pneumatic signal related to a defined vacuum value is required
  • Can be used as a measuring and switching element
제품 하이라이트
  • Switching point adjustable according to customer requirements
Vacuum Switches VS-V-PM/EM-ST
  • Vacuum switch in electro-mechanical (EM) and pneumatic (PM) version
  • VS-V-EM-ST with one digital switching output in NO/NC version
  • VS-V-PM with pneumatic output in NO or alternatively NC version
  • Robust and hard-wearing plastic housing
  • Optional for EM Version: cover (1) for IP-protection and strain relief of the connection cable or cover (2) for IP-protection and mounted M8 4-pin plug
  • 케이블 (3), 2m, M8 플러그 포함, 4 핀 (EM 버전의 경우 옵션)
  • Vacuum switch in electro-mechanical and pneumatical version
  • Measuring range: from -1 to 0 bar


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