Compact Ejectors SCPb / SCPi FS RP

  • Compact ejectors for energy-efficient and reliable vacuum generation for handling airtight and slightly porous workpieces
  • Suction and blow-off functions controlled via external compressed air
  • Use in automated systems without external voltage supply directly on the robot or gripping device
  • Use in harsh environmental conditions, e.g. greasy workpieces, contamination, air humidity or vibrations
  • Pick-and-place applications with very short cycle times
제품 하이라이트
  • Purely pneumatically controlled compact ejector without electronic components; minimum installation effort
  • Integrated air saving function reduces compressed air consumption by up to 80 %
  • Version SCPi with digital switching outputs and IO-Link for communication in common fieldbus systems
  • Condition monitoring enables predictive maintenance and increases plant efficiency
Compact Ejectors SCPb / SCPi FS RP
  • Main body made of high strength plastic
  • Integrated pneumatic air-saving regulation, also without electrical interface
  • Pneumatic connections for controlling the suction (1) and blow-off (1A) functions; vacuum connection (2)
  • SCPb (3) design without electronic components; adjusting screw for switching point setting
  • SCPi (4) design with operating and display elements; electrical connection via standard M12 connector
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  • Suction capacity up to 185 l/min
  • Max. vacuum: 85 %
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