Compact Ejectors SCPMb / SCPMc / SCPMi

  • Mini compact ejector for handling airtight workpieces, such as display glass, plastic parts, printed-circuit boards (PCB), electronic parts or batteries
  • For use in highly dynamic pick-and-place applications with extremely short cycle times, e.g. SMD machines with a small footprint
  • For use in robotic handling applications and on linear axes as close to the suction pads as possible
  • Fully-automatic handling applications with downtime requirements through intelligent condition monitoring
  • Optional: Ejector can be used in combination with an external vacuum supply
제품 하이라이트
  • Maximized suction power in the smallest space
  • Robust ejector with low interference contour
  • Central air supply and independent vacuum circuits allow pneumatic interlocking with up to 16 ejectors
Compact Ejectors SCPMb / SCPMc / SCPMi
  • Minimal footprint thanks to compact main body made from high-strength plastics and individual control module (7)
  • 3-digit display with 2-button operation and M8 electrical connection, 6-pin plug (6)
  • Pneumatic valves which can either be integrated (6) or mounted directly (5) for the NO or NC switching function
  • Screw for adjusting blow-off (4)
  • Optional: Connector for external vacuum supply "EV"; connector for external blow-off medium "EB" (1A)
  • 옵션 : 외부 진공 공급 "EV"용 연결; 외부 분출 매체 "EB"(1A) 연결
  • Suction capacity up to 28 l/min
  • Max. vacuum: 87 %
  • Main body made of plastic
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