Compact Ejectors SCPS- / SCPSb- / SCPSi-UHV-HD

  • Robust compact ejector for handling suction-tight workpieces using high vacuum for maximum holding force
  • Ideal for applications with dirty ambient conditions thanks to fine, easy-to-clean filter screen at the vacuum inlet
  • Use in CNC machining centres for clamping workpieces
  • Provision of the vacuum during fully automated parts handling
  • Use in handling with robots and on linear axes
제품 하이라이트
  • Special nozzle technology for an increased vacuum level enables higher holding forces with the same suction surface
  • Quick release fastener for easy and tool-free removal of the nozzle for cleaning
  • Increased dirt resistance and low maintenance due to fine filter screen at the vacuum inlet, even under extreme environmental influences
  • Integrated air saving function to reduce compressed air consumption by up to 80 % and noise pollution
  • SCPSi variant with IO-Link minimizes the installation effort by adopting device and process parameters
Compact Ejectors SCPS- / SCPSb- / SCPSi-UHV-HD
  • Basic module made of high-strength plastics (1)
  • Control unit (2) in different versions: SCPSb with pneumatic valves for suction function NO / NC and blow off, SCPS with LED bar display and M12-5 connector plug, SCPSi with integrated display and M12-5 connector plug
  • Pneumatic connections for pressure (3) and vacuum (4)
  • Throttle screw for adjusting the blow off force (5)
  • Exchangeable nozzle (6) with attached silencer (7)
  • 고정 구멍 (8) 및 탑햇 레일 클램프 (9) 용 리셉터클
  • Suction rate up to 65.5 l/min
  • Max. Vacuum: 90 %
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