• Handling of airtight and slightly porous workpieces
  • Generation of vacuum in automated systems
  • Use in robotic handling applications and on linear axes
  • For systems that require highly dynamic gripping of workpieces and where space is limited
제품 하이라이트
  • Eco nozzle technology allows high suction rate with minimized compressed air consumption
  • Compact, extremely robust unit for mounting directly on the handling system
  • Push-in connections save additional screw connections
  • Also suitable for control cabinet installation thanks to DIN rail mounting option
Compact Ejectors SCPSb
  • Basic module made of high strength plastic
  • Integrated pneumatic valves (1) for switching functions NO or NC
  • Pneumatic connections (2) via push-in quick connect couplings
  • Screw (3) to adjust blow off for lightweight pieces
  • Open silencer (4)
  • DIN 탑햇 레일 용 옵션 장착 옵션 (5)
  • Suction capacity up to 67 l/min
  • Max. vacuum: 85 %
  • Body made of plastic
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