Vacuum Blowers SB with Electro-Pneumatic Reversing

  • Vacuum blower for handling of cardboard, foam materials, insulating materials, recycling materials and other extremely porous materials
  • Good compensation for leakages thanks to the enormous suction capacity
  • Blower is controlled (vacuum on, blowing off, neutral position) with an electro-pneumatic reversing valve
  • Use in gripping systems which need a high vacuum flow rate
제품 하이라이트
  • Directly driven side channel compressor optimized for handling porous materials
  • Housing and impeller made of die-cast aluminum guarantee vibration-free operation and high suction rate; oil-free and low-noise
  • Control by means of an attached electropneumatic reversing valve
Vacuum Blowers SB with Electro-Pneumatic Reversing
  • Side-channel compressor (1) with very high suction capacity
  • Vacuum limiting valve (2) enables continuous operation
  • Mounting bracket (3) for the compact design of the blower with reversing unit
  • Reverse valve (4) for direct reversal of suction and blowing air at the gripper
  • Control valves (5) with low power consumption
  • 그리퍼를 진공 발생기에 쉽게 연결하기위한 작업 연결 (6)
  • Suction capacity up to 750 m³/h
  • Max. vacuum: 45 %
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