• Electric vacuum generator for handling suction-tight workpieces
  • Flexible application in lightweight robotics, human-robot collaboration (MRK environment) as well as in mobile robotics
  • Simple and fast commissioning on lightweight robots thanks to intelligent software support
  • Small dimensions and low weight for robots with payloads < 3kg
  • Ideal for automated handling of small parts, e.g. bin-picking with a single suction gripper
  • One bellows suction cup inclusive for a complete vacuum gripping system
제품 하이라이트
  • Extremely compact electric vacuum generator for handling workpieces with a single suction cup
  • Universal adaptation to lightweight robots or cobots using a flange adapter plate
  • Simple and fast commissioning thanks to central electrical interface (Plug & Work)
  • Electrical connection through external cabling or internal pins saves tubing on the robot
Vacuum Generators ECBPMi
  • Modular adapter flange (1) incl. cable strain relief
  • Interference-free design adapted to the size of the robot flange
  • Available robot integration sets (incl. all necessary parts) for plug & work integration with common lightweight robot types
  • Intuitive operation via user interface with capacitive keys (2) and rotating status display
  • Integrated NFC interface for commissioning and parameterization via smartphone
  • 전기 연결 케이블 (3)
  • Pumping speed up to 1.6 l/min
  • Max. Vacuum: 60%
  • Integrated IO-Link and RS485 interface
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