• High quality protection cover for suction plates during storage or when not in use
  • Protection against pollution (dust or moisture) and aging (by ozone or UV impact) in outdoor areas
  • Use with suction plates and suction cups such as SPU and SGF
  • Use with manual glass lifting devices indoors and outdoors during storage and transport
제품 하이라이트
  • High-quality coating protects against contamination, aging and deformation of the sealing lip during storage
  • Quick and easy installation thanks to integrated rubber band; reusable
  • Large range of diamters optimized for flat and bellows suction cups and suction plates
  • Robust and tear-resistant material, resistant to external environmental influences
  • Slid over suction cups / suction plates and fastened with the integrated elastic band
  • Diameters of the covers are designed to match the corresponding diameter ranges of the suction plates and suction cups
  • Diameter: 125 to 400 mm
  • Protection of suction cups and suction plates


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