Bellows Suction Cups with Sealing Ring

  • Handling workpieces with uneven surfaces, such as wooden boards with rough-cut or ribbed surfaces (furniture parts)
  • Handling cardboard boxes with uneven surfaces made possible by folds
  • Energy-efficient handling of workpieces despite uneven workpiece surfaces
제품 하이라이트
  • Standard bellows suction cup with integrated sealing ring for use on uneven surfaces, easy changeover
  • Energy-efficient handling despite uneven workpiece surface thanks to optimally sealing of sealing ring and bellows suction cup
  • Sealing rings made of adaptable and wear-resistant special material guarantee long service life and flexible use
  • Suction cups from the series FSGA and FSGPL with integrated sealing ring
  • Bellows suction cup FSGPL with 1.5 folds with vulcanize-bonded insert
  • Suction cup FSGA with 1.5 folds, consists of suction cup FGA and a suction cup connection nipple (connection nipple attached)
  • Diameter: 53 to 200 mm
  • Material: NBR / NK


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