• Round and flat suction cup for handling of CDs and DVDs, wood veneers, wafers and solar cells
제품 하이라이트
  • Soft, flexible sealing lip for particularly sensitive workpieces, such as wafers
  • Special material silicone SI covers a wide range of temperature
  • Special material polyurethane PU ensures long life and high resistance
  • Especially suitable for multi-shift operation with very fast cycle times
Flat Suction Cups SGAN
  • Robust and wear-resistant suction cup SGAN (3) with single sealing lip, consisting of suction cup SGA (2) and connection nipple (1)
  • Connection nipple is plugged in on cups of all sizes
  • With each nipple family, the replacement cups and nipples can be combined as desired
  • Diameter: 7 to 16 mm
  • Material: SI, PU
  • Connection nipple plugged into elastomer part


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