• Round suction plate for handling of objects with very rough or structured surfaces (such as ornamental glass, checker plate, broken natural stone, etc.)
  • Deactivation of unused suction cups by touch valves (accessory)
제품 하이라이트
  • Sealing edge made of very adaptable EPDM adapts optimally to highly structured surfaces
  • Sealing edge positively clipped into support plate for quick replacement of the sealing element
  • Support surfaces on the bottom prevent permanent deformation of thin-walled workpieces
  • Fastest cycle times thanks to low own volume
  • Wide range of diameters for a large selection of different workpieces
Suction Plates SPK
  • Robust and wear-resistant suction plate SPK, consisting of flexible MOS sealing ring (4) made of EPDM and aluminum base plate (1)
  • Sealing ring without seams
  • Sealing ring is securely clipped into the base plate
  • When worn, the sealing ring can be replaced separately
  • Lower side of base plate with elastomer insert to prevent damage to workpieces
  • 진공 연결 용 나사 연결 (2) 또는 터치 밸브 (오프 센터) (3) 배송 상태에서 밀봉 플러그로 닫힘
  • Diameter: 55 to 250 mm
  • Material sealing lip: EPDM
  • Support plate made of aluminum


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