Bellows Suction Cups SAB HT2 (1.5 Folds)

  • Round bellows suction cup with 1.5 folds for dynamic handling of hot metal sheets up to 250 °C
  • Handling of pre-shaped metal sheet parts, bellows shape permits optimum adaptation
  • Unloading of parts after forming
  • Handling of thin aluminum sheets without deformation or deep drawing
  • For use e.g. in feeder systems for press lines in the automotive industry
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  • Silicone-free special material HT2 is free of LABS and temperature resistant up to 250 °C
  • Large, structured inner support prevents deep drawing and withstands the highest lateral forces
  • Soft, flexible sealing lip seals optimally, even on slight unevenness
  • 1.5 folds adapt optimally to curved workpieces and offer very good damping
Bellows Suction Cups SAB HT2 (1.5 Folds)
  • Robust and wear resistant bellows suction cup SAB made of HT2 with 1.5 folds and special inner support
  • Suction cup SAB vulcanized to the connection nipple (very high strength)
  • Diameter: 22 to 80 mm
  • Material: HT2
  • Connection nipple vulcanized to elastomer part


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