• Round, bellows suction cup with 4.5 folds for handling of flexible products such as pouches and other plastic film packaging
  • Process reliable gripping and handling of solid, powdery and liquid filled pouches
  • High-speed packaging processes, particularly in conjunction with parallel kinematic robots
제품 하이라이트
  • Thin, steep sealing lip with flow fins ideal for pouches and other flexible workpieces
  • Flexibility of the sealing lip is not affected by compressed folds
  • Reinforced main body and folds prevent collapse when suction cups are stretched under vacuum
  • FDA compliant silicone SI allows direct food contact
Bellows Suction Cups SPB4 (4.5 Folds)
  • Bellows suction cup SPB4 (1) with 4.5 folds and soft, flexible sealing lip
  • Special reinforced bellows for additional stability
  • Mounting via Schmalz Connector SC (3). Alternatively direct attachment on pipe via hose clamp (4)
  • All mounting elements with male thread include an integrated sealing ring
  • Optional pre-filter (2) (250 μm filter pore size)
  • 필름이 안으로 들어가는 것을 방지하기 위해 낮은 흡입 주름을위한 옵션 SPI 삽입 디스크
  • Diameter: 20 to 50 mm
  • Material: SI (suitable for applications in the food industry)


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