• Bell-shaped suction cup for maximum flexibility on freeform surfaces, corners and edges
  • Handling of various workpieces in bin-picking applications
  • Handling of consumer goods in the field of warehouse automation
  • Contact with food products is harmless due to the use of FDA-compliant silicone
제품 하이라이트
  • Extremely thin sealing lip for optimal adaptation to corners, edges and freeform surfaces
  • Stabilizing internal support contour for safe handling of different products
  • Large nominal flow compensates for leakages in a wide variety of workpieces
  • FDA compliant silicone for direct contact with food products
Bin-Picking Suction Cups SVE
  • Suction cup (1) with extremely thin, soft sealing lip
  • Internal support contour for best possible adaptation to the workpiece
  • Use of one-piece insertable connection elements (2) for quick changing of the suction cup
  • Connection element with male thread and integrated seal
  • Diameter: 53 mm
  • Material: PU, SI-MD (use in the food and beverage industry)


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