Innospann Steel-Plate ISST-MPL and Vacuum Blocks ISBL

  • Modular clamping system for precise metal and plastic machining
  • The Steel-Plate is mounted vacuum-tight on a Schmalz Matrix-Plate
  • Aluminum vacuum blocks ISBL are positioned flexibly over the vacuum openings without hoses and are magnetically pre-fixed; vacuum openings that are not required are sealed vacuum-tight with sealing magnets
  • All processed materials are specially optimized for use under cooling lubricants
  • Instead of the vacuum blocks ISBL, FlexMat SFM can also be used on the Steel-Plates
Hoogtepunten van het product
  • Simple and fast setup by using the modular system on the Matrix-Plate MPL
  • In combination with vacuum blocks ISBL, optimal for cutouts and 5-axis machining with few setups
  • Vacuum blocks ISBL are flexible in terms of position, dimensions and height and thus enable the clamping of a wide variety of workpiece geometries
  • Durable and resistant to cooling lubricants due to the use of aluminum, stainless steel and robust elastomers
  • Clamping system can be expanded at any time and thus easily adapted to new requirements and workpieces
Innospann Steel-Plate ISST-MPL and Vacuum Blocks ISBL
  • Vacuum blocks ISBL made of aluminum (1) with double seal and magnetic pre-fixation on the Steel-Plate
  • Schmalz FlexMat SFM (2) for use directly on the Steel-Plate
  • Sealing magnets (3) for unused vacuum openings when used with vacuum blocks ISBL
  • Steel-Plate with vacuum openings (4)
  • Matrix-Plate MPL (5) as basic unit of the modular clamping system
  • Steel-Plate ISST with vacuum blocks ISBL for metal and plastic processing
  • Extension for the clamping system Matrix-Plate MPL
  • For 5-axis machining and the production of cutouts
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