• Matrix-Plate MPL for workpieces made of aluminum and other nonferromagnetic materials such as CFK or plastic
  • Matrix plate easily mounted on the machine table using clamping claws, vice or zero point clamping system
  • Shortest set-up times and flexible adaptation to the workpiece geometry: Insert the sealing cord into the grooves according to the workpiece geometry, align the workpiece and clamp it
  • Enlargement of clamping area possible by connecting several matrix plates
  • Mechanical stops as positioning aids
Hoogtepunten van het product
  • High-strength aluminum base body prevents warping when clamping flat and thin components
  • Shorter set-up times due to very easy handling
  • Adaptation to conventional clamping devices such as vises or zero point clamping systems possible
  • Simple positioning and additional absorption of lateral forces through lateral mechanical stops
Matrix-Plate MPL
  • Main body (1) made of high-strength aluminum
  • Friction pads (2) for improved lateral force absorption
  • Sealing cord (3) for sealing workpiece and matrix plate
  • Vacuum connection (4) to the vacuum generator
  • Aluminum stops (5) for positioning the workpiece
  • Clamping system made of high-strength aluminum
  • Adaptable to conventional clamping technology


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