Lightweight Gripping Systems SLG

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The lightweight gripping system SLG is ideal for use on lightweight robots and cobots for automatically handling different workpieces. The additive manufacturing process used to produce the SLG gives the system a high degree of flexibility, allowing it to be adapted to and used on a multitude of custom applications.


  • Individually configurable grippers for handling cardboard boxes, bags and free-form workpieces
  • Additively manufactured lightweight gripper for use on lightweight robots and cobots with automatic handling
  • For use in the packaging, logistics and electronics sectors, EOLP (end-of-line-palletizing) and pick-and-place applications

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Our highlights...

  • Automated design configurator
  • Additively manufactured gripper
  • Integrated air supply
  • Pre-configured flange plates for common robot types

Your benefits...

  • Intuitive and quick gripper configuration to fit your workpiece
  • Low weight and quick cycle times
  • Minimized interfering contours
  • Plug and Work


Get your gripper in six steps

Our configurator makes it easy for you to create your own custom gripper in just six steps. From selecting the workpiece and application to the vacuum generation and flange connection features, we assist you with your custom configuration. The gripper can be integrated into the system with speed and efficiency and is available in three standard variations:

External and pneumatic vacuum generation

  • Suction rate: custom
  • Workpiece: custom
  • Operating temperature: custom
  • Vacuum generation type: pneumatic
  • Custom connection size, push-in

External and electrical vacuum generation

  • Suction rate: 12 l/min
  • Workpiece: airtight
  • Operating temperature: 5 to 45° C
  • Vacuum generation type: electrical

Integrated and pneumatic vacuum generation

  • Suction rate: 175.3 l/min
  • Workpiece: porous
  • Operating temperature: 0 to 60° C
  • Vacuum generation type: pneumatic

Use an existing vacuum generator or view our large selection of suitable vacuum generators in the Schmalz online shop.

The Schmalz vacuum generator ECBPi is suitable for external and electrical vacuum generation for the lightweight gripping systems SLG.

The use of cutting-edge additive manufacturing processes and materials ensures that the gripper is especially lightweight and robust. The product can handle complex geometries and allows for a fully integrated air supply. That means interfering edges such as vacuum hoses can be avoided and makes the design of the grippers particularly energy-efficient. In addition, the grippers are ideal for operation with lightweight robots and cobots due to their low weight and compact dimensions. The maximum dimensions of the SLG are (LxWxH): 350 x 350 x 250 mm; the maximum workpiece weight is 10 kg.


Schmalz lightweight gripping systems SLG are compatible with all the conventional lightweight robots and cobots available on the market.

They have also been tested and certified by Universal Robots, making them ideal for use with UR robots.