• Hose-free Schmalz vacuum clamping system for Biesse console tables with matching suction cup mounting
  • Flexible use for sensitive and thin components up to rough surfaces and solid wood
  • Optimized for high cutting forces when machining solid wood, solid surface materials and laminates
  • Additional mounting possibilities enable screw union with the suction cup mounting
  • The integrated touch valve allows vacuum blocks that are not required to remain on the machine table
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  • High holding force and lateral force absorption ensures reliable machining and avoids scrap
  • Savings in makeready due to the wide range of applications
  • Rotatability of the suction plate allows flexible adaptation to the workpiece geometry
  • Adaptable seal allows clamping of rough surfaces
  • The screw union of the suction cup with the suction cup mounting ensures outstanding stability during machining
Vacuum Blocks VCBL-B-HD
  • Touch valve (1) made of soft plastics
  • Central screw (2) for fixing the rotatable suction plate
  • Adaptable sealing gasket (3) can also be used for textured surfaces
  • Suction plate (4) is rotatable and interchangeable, with integrated NFC tag for reading product data via smartphone
  • Screw (5) to firmly connect the robust main body (6) to the suction cup mounting
  • Adapter ring made of plastics for the standard Biesse suction cup holder (7)
  • Vacuum system for Biesse consoles
  • Aluminum vacuum block
  • Hose-free with touch valve
  • Pre-fixing in the suction cup mountings
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