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  • Mechanically clamping system for CNC machining machines with flat table system
  • The mechanical clamps are activated via vacuum so that no further medium is required at the machine for clamping
  • One vacuum line (circuit 1) supplies the bottom suction plate for fixing the clamp to the machine table, while the second vacuum line (circuit 2) pulls the piston and clamping disc down to fix the workpiece
  • Particularly well suited for narrow and curved workpieces such as frame parts and window profiles
Mechanical Clamps VCMC-G-QUICK

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Najważniejsze cechy produktu
  • Eccentrically positioned clamping plates for optimum use of the clamping surface
  • Holds even narrow workpieces securely with clamping forces of up to 700 N
  • No additional medium necessary, as it can be activated via the operating vacuum of the CNC machining center
  • Withstands the strongest lateral forces thanks to special friction materials
Mechanical Clamps VCMC-G
  • Eccentric clamping disc (1) is pulled downward by the operating vacuum via a piston in the clamp
  • Friction material (2) for optimizing lateral force absorption
  • Main body (3) made of aluminum
  • Screw in push fitting (4) for vacuum feeder
  • Interface to flat table (5) with sealing frame
  • 2-circuit vacuum system
  • For frames and window profiles
  • Fixation and positioning with vacuum
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