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For the past few years, the wind energy sector has been one of the fastest growing industries in the world. The energy transition from fossil fuels to renewable energies has spurred on its development. Recent technological advancements have led to constant increases in the efficiency of wind turbines. The trend towards higher and higher hubs and increasingly large rotor blades is continuing. Handling components that are up to 85 meters long and weigh several tons, as well as producing the correct blade shape with a high level of precision, pose new challenges to manufacturing. In its effort to keep up with this rapid growth, the rotor blade production sector is now moving towards automated mass production, meaning that innovative concepts and vacuum handling solutions will be necessary for future processes.

Schmalz develops customer-specific vacuum lifting devices for various production technologies and forms. This allows customers to reduce their process times to a minimum, increase quality considerably and improve ergonomics. Schmalz solutions are used primarily in the production of rotor blades and nacelles, but are also used to produce control cabinets and other elements involved in wind energy. A reliable visual and audible warning device ensures maximum safety during handling.


Vacuum Solutions in the Wind Energy Sector


Schmalz’ Range of Solutions

Component Maximum weight*
Maximum component length*
Special process requirements
Girders 5,000 70 Adapting to workpiece shapes or handling shapeless workpieces during lifting, transportation and use
Webs 1,500 64 Precise application of surface pressure to one or two units,
vertical alignment, storage and positioning adapted to the workpiece shape, 90° swiveling (electrical and mechanical)
Root elements 1,500 3.5 90° swiveling and rotating
Molded parts 6,000 70 Adaption to the workpiece shape during lifting,
flat picking up and depositing
Rotor blade 24,000 85

Demolding of the rotor blade in the contoured area
Transportation to storage, the boring machine or the finish stage

Nacelle cladding 4,000 11 90° swiveling, precise positioning

*Other customer-specific solutions available

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