• Vacuum blocks for use directly on the MDF wear plate of a nesting machine table
  • The vacuum blocks are supplied with vacuum via hoses that are connected to the template connection of the machine
  • The low working height of 30 mm makes it ideal for 3-axis machining centers with low Z-values
  • All vacuum blocks are equipped with a touch valve for activating the vacuum only after contacting the workpiece to preserve the workpiece surface
Product Highlights
  • Hose connection option allows easy connection to the vacuum supply
  • Easy replacement of the suction plate in case of wear
  • Friction pad milled to size on the underside optimized for smooth surfaces
  • Smooth-running plastic touch valve allows damage-free fixation of the workpiece
Vacuum Blocks VCBL-G-K1
  • Top suction plate (1) for fixing the workpiece
  • Hose connection (2) with M5 internal thread for connection to the template connection of the CNC machine
  • Robust main body (3) made of aluminum
  • Special friction pad on the bottom (4)
  • Replaceable foam rubber seal (5) for applying suction to the MDF sheet
  • Touch valve (6) made of soft plastic
  • Vacuum system for nesting machine tables
  • With a hose connection
  • Target value for operating vacuum: -600 mbar
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