Clamping Pieces with Extension SXT-CL-EXT

  • Swivel arms for connecting suction cup holders to the cross beams of round tube toolings
  • Wide range of uses for numerous applications
  • Suitable for all common tooling and quick-change systems for press shops and car body construction
  • For highly dynamic processes with maximum output in the automotive industry
Product Highlights
  • High-strength swivel arms with pipe and ball clamps on one or both sides for highly dynamic processes with maximum output quantity
  • Holder connection for standardized ball or pin shape enables a wide range of applications
  • Compatible with common tooling systems (pipe diameter 25 mm or via pipe clamp)
  • Few, compact components are easy to design and quick to set up
Clamping Pieces with Extension SXT-CL-EXT
  • Connection to holder system: clamp for ball (A3: ø 28.5 mm; A5: ø 32 mm) or "Apple-Core" pin (A2: ø 19 mm) (1)
  • Pipe tooling connection: pipe clamp 25 or 40 mm (2)
  • One-sided pipe clamp: tube extension with a 25 mm diameter (2)
  • Single and double sided clamps
  • With extension 100 to 510 mm
  • For pipe diameters of 19 to 40 mm
  • For ball joint connections with 28.5 to 32 mm diameter
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