• Flow sensor for high-resolution process, component and condition monitoring
  • Ideally suited for vacuum and compressed air systems with small hose diameters (e.g. for handling small parts)
  • Easy integration into the system control via analog output and two adjustable switching points
  • Integrated display for evaluation of the cumulated compressed air consumption (cost monitoring)
  • Integrated vacuum sensor and possibility of leakage monitoring for process optimization
Product Highlights
  • Adjustability of threshold values enables volume flow based component monitoring
  • Compact design allows flexible positioning and mounting e.g. in gripper spiders or on robot arms
  • Display with color change when threshold is reached provides additional visual signal
Flow Sensors FS
  • Sensor with compact sensor unit
  • Robust and heat-resistant plastic housing
  • Bypass structure reduces contact with humid air and increases service life
  • 3-color, 2-cell LCD display with intuitive menu structure
  • Connection via thread offers flexible connection possibilities
  • Max. flow rate: 0 to 200 l/min
  • Vacuum and pressure sensor from -1 to 8 bar
  • Two-piece, 3-color display
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