• Vacuum blocks for use in CNC machining centers for cutting metal and plastics
  • Setup by means of clamping claws on T-slot table or directly on zero point clamping systems
  • Connection of the vacuum blocks possible both individually and point-to-point
  • 5-side processing due to good accessibility of the workpiece
  • Easy retrofitting of removable workpiece stops for fast and repeatable positioning of the component
Product Highlights
  • Precise friction pad provides high holding force and ensures high-quality machining results
  • Simple setup for reduced setup times on all machine tables
  • Very good accessibility of the workpiece allows 5-sided processing and maximization of machining steps per clamping
  • Practical accessories increase safety and comfort when clamping with vacuum
  • Attractive entry-level solution for clamping with vacuum thanks to low investment costs
Vacuum Blocks CMB-HD
  • Suction plate with friction pad (1) and replaceable, flexible sealing (2)
  • Main body made of aluminum (3) with vacuum connection (4) and mounting thread (5) for mounting the workpiece stops (6)
  • Attachment on machine table by claws or screwing of the lower clamping surface (7) or by means of clamping bolts for zero point clamping systems
  • Vacuum connection set including pressure gauge (8) for vacuum supply and monitoring
  • Main body made of aluminum with elastomer friction pad
  • Use on T-slot tables and zero point clamping systems
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