• Inline filter for use in vacuum systems with light to medium dirt levels
  • Can be mounted on individual suction cups for the handling of dirty workpieces
  • Simple hose connection
Product Highlights
  • Quick and easy to change filter insert; cost saving and environmentally friendly
  • Efficient maintenance, as the degree of pollution is visible through the transparent housing
  • Simple, fast hose assembly
  • Suitable for vacuum and pressure systems; short term overpressure resistance up to 7 bar
Inline Filters VFI
  • Nozzles with union nuts (1) on both ends for connection of hoses (internal hose diameter 4 and 6 mm); alternatively available with a push-in hose connection
  • Transparent filter housing with arrow for indication of the flow direction (3)
  • Filter head with knurled screw cap, slide-in filter element (2) made of transparent material for visual monitoring
  • Nominal flow rates: 2 to 4 m³/h
  • Filter mesh: 50 µm
  • Connection options: hose 4/2, 6/4 or 8/6
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