• Elbow connectors with gearing for connection of holders and vacuum components to pipe tooling gripper for flexibly adjustable, modular lightweight system
  • Wide range of uses for numerous applications with a minimum number of different components with gearing
  • Suitable for all common tooling and quick-change systems for press shops and car body construction
Product Highlights
  • High-strength angle pieces with gearings for highly dynamic processes due to positive locking between the components
  • Simple design and fast assembly due to clear portfolio
  • Flexible angle adjustment with 10° pitch enables a wide range of applications
Elbow Connectors (Geared) SXT-ANG
  • Elbow connector with gearing in 10° pitch
  • Male design in gray (1)
  • Female design in black (2)
  • Gearing with 10° pitch
  • Male design in gray
  • Female version in black
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