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Contact to the Headquarters in Germany

J. Schmalz GmbH
72293 Glatten

T: +49 7443 2403-0
F: +49 7443 2403-259

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Direction to our head quarters in Glatten, Germany (788 KB)

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Vacuum Technology for Automation

T: +49 7443 2403-102
F: +49 7443 2403-597

Vacuum Lifters and Crane Systems

T: +49 7443 2403-108
F: +49 7443 2403-399

Vacuum Clamping Systems

T: +49 7443 2403-109
F: +49 7443 2403-595

Locations & Directions

We maintain a worldwide sales network with international subsidiaries and trade partners in more than 80 countries in order to provide our customers fast and competent advice. With this service, we have made Schmalz an international name.

Working together with our customers, Schmalz system consultants can design a tailored vacuum system for any individual application. Whether you are looking for a vacuum solution for automation technology, handling technology or clamping technology, Schmalz is the right partner for you.

Our sales network of local field representatives, international subsidiaries and trade partners ensures quick and competent information and advice.

You can find the directions to your nearest Schmalz subsidiary or to our partner in your country on the map shown below. Select your country and click the pin. A business card displays the address and the “Calculate route” link. Your individual trip is calculated from there.